Are you facing office harassment?? Here are some ways to deal with a severe issue

Nowadays, most people are busy working everybody is doing some profession they choose the option of being independent. Recently, office harassment has gained so much attention from society and the newspapers because the matter is severe, and it is growing day by day. The problem is not only facing by female employees, but males are also going through this abusing behavior. Work stress is not a big deal for employees and workers who have loads of workload, but the office’s inappropriate behavior is which is done by co-workers or as well as by the owner of the company.

Harassment can also take place in variance circumstances, such as-

If you are working at an office, then you should be careful about your safety and security. It may not always include the physical harassment sometimes it can be in happening in different situations like –

  • The harasser can be your co-worker and also be the employee’s supervisor or the owner of another company or area. The person may pressurize the employee for an extra workload after office working hours. Or it is also related to the language that somebody is talking in a vulgar language like abusive words.
  • It is entirely an unwelcome behavior that can also be in verbal or non-verbal form. If it is happening with anybody, a victim should raise his/her voice against the harassment. Like the kevin mullin case, in that case, a girl filed a lawsuit against Mullin for harassment. The girl is his co-worker, and he does inappropriate behavior when there is no one present in the office. The girl fights to law to get justice for the harassment, and it is the inspiration for those who are facing the major crime of harassment.